Savā Jomā

Profesionālas iespējas, pieredze un aprīkojums SIA “JC” uzņēmumam ļauj pārliecināti darboties, Latvijas darba tirgū.


We offer


In its work, the company uses traditional, time-tested materials and construction technologies.


SIA ”JC” performed all concreting works, wall assembly (Fibo, Aeroc, bricks, monolith and other finishing materials), assembly of wooden structures ….


SIA ”JC” also performs complete complex reconstruction works and renovation of buildings.

Why Choose Us?


Recently, the specialists of SIA “JC” participated in the construction of many objects as a General Contractor:

  • building materials base BDT;
    spot complex network SITY FITNESS;
  • fitness club building “GEORGS 5”;
  • reconstruction of the building of the former haberdashery factory “Daile” and its territory;
  • construction of a sports-health center “Active Life” in Purvciems;
    construction work complex in the territory of the port “MAGNĀTS”;
  • multi-apartment residential complex in Mežaparks;
  • construction of private cottages.
    The company performs all construction works, attracts its partners for specialized tasks, with whom it has been cooperating for several years. sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elite tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
Krustpils Street 56

Riga, LV 1057

+371 677 05 521